Standing Pilates With Ellen Barrett

New Video Workout: Standing Pilates

Build impeccable core strength, reinforce stellar posture, and breath your way to increased energy in this 15minute standing Pilates series. A “sticky” yoga mat is all that’s required. Barefoot is best. *The video will appear on Let’s Move! by 9am EST on 2/19/24.

Mood Boosting Cardio With Ellen Barrett

Boost Your Mood In 15

For my entire life – without realizing it until fairly recently – I have used “doses” of cardio as mood boosting medicine. When I was an 8 year old, I freakishly took my dog on walks into the woods when I could have stayed inside idly watching cartoons. (Where were the adults 😉?) In my early teens, I’d bike to my friends house even though I could have gotten a ride. In college, when feeling blue...

Ellen Barrett Quick Core Fusion

I Had to Make an Executive Decision 😉

Classic Cardio was the plan, but I had to scrap that plan as I was not proud of the workout. Sorry to disappoint you all – I’ve lost sleep over this, and usually with editing, videos are fix-able. I feel that this one is not. Perhaps, we’ll re-shoot it with different music and in a different set in the future because the “bones” of the workout are solid, but at this time it’s just not the right energy for (As...