Strong in Spirit

One of the big blessings of this year is it has heightened my awareness of my spirit, and to be honest, I’ve become a little obsessed with strengthening it. It’s hard to put a finger on it, I mean what exactly is a strong spirit? Well to me, it equates to one thing: a deep knowing that one’s life is “on purpose.” 

Strong in spirit says there is a lesson to learn with every hardship. Strong in spirit helps us to rise up to the task at hand and to the day ahead. Strong in spirit means we keep going.

Strong in spirit is key to getting through tough times (like now!), and it also – and this is the one that hits home for me – induces a greater love and respect for one’s own body. Your body is the Earth-side “home” of your spirit. Let’s spruce that home up! (Isn’t it ironic that the physical is the “portal” to the spirit? It really is all connected.)

Tough times are like dumbbells for our spiritual muscles, and right now, we’re pumping metaphorical iron. Be sure to stay strong, in every way possible.And remember, you and I are supposed to be here…and this too shall pass.