Shake It Off

Fear gets lodged in the heart center, smack dab in the middle of our lungs. It tightens and constricts. It makes our breath shallow and rolls our shoulders forward. Prolonged fear literally stops us in our tracks. I am usually not a fearful person and I definitely try to steer clear of fear-mongering, but I honestly haven’t been able to completely avoid it in 2020. It’s at the grocery store, on the cover of Time magazine, and even my family brings it home sometimes.

So what can we do about it? Work on our wellness. Being healthy is a fear-repellent. Things like eating clean, going to bed earlier, meditating and reading uplifting books help a lot, and of course, exercise. Personally, I have been exercising more than ever. (And that’s saying something!)

Just this morning in class I blurted out, “Cardio shakes the fear off you,”  and I don’t just believe it – I know it.  Fear can’t “stick” on a high viber! So get movin’ party people. Keep the fear off you, and work on your wellness.