Rainy Day Hack

We’ve recently had some brutally gloomy days with cold rain and weird fog. It was a “driving with the headlights on during the day” kinda day, and you couldn’t tell what time it was because the lighting never shifted. It was very low vibe. Even the dogs just wanted to stay home, curled up, snug in their beds. Working out on days like these can appear against the grain.  It can seem forced. The last thing you’re thinking of doing is trading your cozy slippers for a sports bra. What’s a girl to do? 

Roll out your mat. Sit on your mat. Breathe. 

Give yourself 5 minutes, and the rest will take care of itself. Your body will guide you to take the next step, which is one of two things: 1. rest and restore, or 2. pep up and hop to it. Either way is right. (I’ve taken my own survey over the years and nine times out of 10, it’ll be pep up and hop to it.)

This is an exercise in grounding, getting into the moment, and inhabiting the body. The gloomy low vibe day is playing out in the brain, not the body, so by sitting on a mat we switch the channel, and tune into the body’s station. I think the body is a more accurate “weather report” of the day, anyway, workout or not! 

 So the next time you find yourself lingering a bit too long in a low vibration, I hope you remember this rainy day hack and get to your mat. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 – all you need is a mat and your breath. Mini-miracles can happen on our mats. Let’s spend more time on them! 😊