Puffy Protocol

I can get really puffy. My puffiness manifests first in my face, especially around my eyes, but then it goes all over, throughout my whole body.

There are culprits: air travel really makes me puffy. Drinking alcohol makes me puffy. Eating excess salt (potato chips!) makes me puffy. Not moving makes me puffy. 

Q: What’s the remedy for puffiness?
A: Exercise and water. (Easy peasy!)

All forms of exercise will do, but to get slightly more intentional,  I recommend cardio/stretch. A 10minute brisk walk or run, where your body temperature elevates to a sweat, followed up by a 5 minute slow flow stretch session with an inversion or two (head below heart), is pretty perfect if you ask me. Tally it up – all it takes is 15minutes. Watch, the puffiness to start to reduce. Go longer if you can. 

And as for water? Drink it and eat it. Have a piece of fruit, or some leafy greens, anything water-rich. Adding lemon or lime to your water can really help as well. 

I just flew home from Rome, Italy and the puffiness set in per usual, right on cue, but as soon as I could, I got my hands on a big bottle of water and I moved my body. I’m feeling okay and am looking a lot less puffy. I didn’t suffer for too long. 

And today, the day after, I’m going to eat on the lighter side and continue to hydrate with lots of water and water-rich foods. I’m also going to move my body A LOT. 

Remember this the next time you feel puffy. It’s a simple yet effective strategy, and it’s tried and true. Another example of movement is medicine, and another way to empowered wellness. 🤗