Promoting Right Action 💫

The more grounded you are, the more present you are, and the more present you are the less reactive you are.  Reactive behavior is usually not in anyone’s best interest. Some examples include, reactively running to the kitchen and eating a tub of ice cream after a stressful phone call, or reactively shouting obscenities at someone for cutting you off in traffic. Lately in the news, there has been a tremendous amount of reactive behavior on planes! Dare I say there is an epidemic of ungroundedness?

Well, exercise can help eradicate this, or at least minimize it, because the act of mindfully moving allows us to drop into the body. Depending on your job and lifestyle, your workout may be the only regular time that that happens.

We live in a very cerebral society, one that is also very disconnected from the physical Earth too. This double-whammy is a disaster for true wellness. Being “out of body” for so much of the time cuts us off from self-awareness and inner-wisdom – two of the greatest fruits of grounding.

These days, I’m so sensitive to my own level of groundedness, that when I feel a little bit discombobulated, I immediately sit on the floor and breathe, notice and feel. And then I do whatever my body tells me. It may be a forward fold or it may be a neck stretch. I then breathe, notice, feel some more, and do more of what my body tells me. It’s stunning how, in such a short period of time, I get my bearings back and feel right again. Amazing! 

There is so much guidance flowing from your body, and it serves you well 100percent of the time. This connectedness prevents reactivity and promotes right action…and it is so simple. All you’ve got to do is get grounded. 

So want to know the secret to calm, cool, collected, present and less reactive? It’s grounding. Just breathe, notice, feel…and let your body be your guide.