“Please, Enjoy Your Workout”

Words have a strong effect, whether we are conscious of their power or not.  “I hope you enjoy your workout” is a tagline I’ve casually used over the years, and I never put much thought into it until recently. “Enjoy” is in joy, so to enjoy your workout connotes working out in a sort of self-created vortex of joy. Is this too woo woo, or should I continue? ????

Cooking in joy changes the food, and I think exercising in joy changes the movement. It makes it more potent, more uplifting, more worth your while because the spirit gets energized, not just the body.

The question is,”How can we workout in joy?” It’s definitely not a ‘fake it til you make it scenario” or a forced smile. Energetically there is no faking. I’d say the biggest and most direct way is to understand that your body and this moment are gifts. You are blessed! Then, part II is to choose movement that does not intimidate, cause pain, or constrict the breath. The movement must allow for the “holy flow” and that means no fear.

I’ve decided I’m no longer going to say, “I hope you enjoy your workout.” Instead, I’m going to say, “Please, enjoy your workout.”  So please, from here on out, workout in joy. It makes a world of difference.