Peptalk for 2022

It’s time to set the tone for 2022.

First, you can do it. You are incredibly capable and the possibilities are endless.

Second, you have everything you need to achieve your dreams. You are enough already, as is.

Three, good things come to those who keep their eye on the prize and persist. Keep going and know you are on your way. 

This applies to fitness and wellness, as well as to life at large. Tune out the downers and the naysayers, and tune into your own amazing light. That’s the light to follow – your custom-made guiding light. 

Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to be alive, and even the tough times bring blessings eventually. As we stand at the dawn of this New Year, let’s stand tall and strong, with a lifted open heart, expect goodness to flow to and from us, and take whatever action we can to insure that flow

Cheers to 2022, Let’s Move!