Outside-The-Box Is In

We step out of bed, walk to the kitchen where the countertop height provides total ease, and where we don’t have to stretch or strain in the slightest to pour ourselves a glass of water.  We then position ourselves in a car or a bus or train where we find another comfortable sitting position, then many of us find a desk next where we sit some more. We walk between locations, but leisurely walking is still inside-the-box movement.

Now, there is nothing wrong with inside-the-box movement, it’s just that we have enough of it already during our daily journey from sunup to sundown. We need to break out of the box. 

Outside-the-box movement is outside the coffin. (Yes, coffin….and I believe outside-the-box keeps the coffin away too!) Today’s world, filled with modern conveniences, is not providing outside-the-box opportunities, so we have to find them or create them for ourselves. We have to set our intention on bigger. Of course, fusion fitnessis outside-the-box, but so is basketball, gardening, camping, and housecleaning. (The list goes on.) I just spent 30minutes trimming my dogs toenails and it was most definitely outside-the-box! 

The fittest people I know embrace a wide range of movement challenges, be it through formal exercise or through their vocation, and it’s so obvious that their lives are better for it.

So, here’s what I recommend – keep busting out of that box. The feel good, look great, shine bright possibilities are endless – and yours to be had – outside-the-box. 🌟