Open Up

Strength is major. Cardio endurance is major. But you know what is often an unsung hero when it comes to longevity? Mobility.

Joints that go big. Movements that flow. Freedom in every physical action. These types of things are hard to measure, and they might not be obvious at first glance, but when you experience a high level of mobility first hand, in your own body, it’s one of the best confidence boosters. You feel capable, because you are capable!

There are two steps to increasing mobility.
STEP ONE: stretch.  Flexibility is key. Pliable muscles really really help us safely move bigger.
STEP TWO:  “lubricate” your joints. No, we don’t mean with a can of oil like the tin man in The Wizard of Oz (although hydration is really important for healthy joints, so drink up)…instead, lubricate with movements that create ease and warmth. Shoulder loops, hip circles, cow/cat, walking….creating some heat will help soften the ligaments and tendons in and around the joints. Make sure the movements are somewhat “yin” where there is plenty of flow and not too much effort. 

Use it or lose it really does apply to mobility, so when you find yourself tightening up, perhaps from colder weather, tension, constrictive clothing and footwear, or confined spaces, counteract it by going big. (I’m fond of a big exaggerated, back-bending yawn 😍.) 

So open up, and pay attention to mobility. It really is a subtle superpower, yours for the taking!