Open Space

I jokingly say that my 12 year old son has been to every yoga studio and group exercise room in New England. (For a long time it seemed as though every day was “bring-your-child-to-work” day!) The same thing would play out each time: I’d unlock the doors, and he’d rush into the big open space with excitement. He’d then proceed to run around and slide around in his sock feet, and then do laps around the perimeter. Oh, the joy of a big open space! 

There is something magical about clear, open spaces, right? They make us feel light and free. I’ve noticed that the sense of un-obstruction tends to induce movement. We may not be doing cartwheels, but we definitely stretch out our arms and twirl around, right? I’ve watched many people do some sort of Saturday Night Fever dance move upon entering yoga rooms. 

The idea I’d love for you to explore this weekend is this: can you create more of an open space in your at-home workout location? Perhaps you can clear out the clutter, rearrange furniture, or remove any unnecessary items. Maybe you’ve got some potted plants that can be put in another room, or your kids toys can be stored away in a bin. Open space feels really good, and having more of it will help you move better and more often. As author Laura Staley writes, “Too many things in too small a space cut off flow, block creativity, and bury beauty.” So let’s get ambitious about space…the month of January is the perfect time to make this happen.