Off the Mat, Inside the Closet

My message to you today is – get organized.  Or if you are already pretty organized, take your organization to the next level. Your well-being and your home organization are more connected than you think. I’ve found that getting your stuff organized can propel your sense of well-being to new heights. 

I recently got a closet system installed in my hallway/walk-thru closet/dressing area. It’s between the laundry room and my bedroom, so I now have an abundance of storage for all my linens and clothing. After a couple weeks of going through stuff and giving every single item a home, I’m happy to report everything is neatly and intelligently organized  – truly a dream come true! I have seen a big difference in my life. Here’s what I think organization can do for you: 

First off, organizing your things lessens what I call the “subtle” stresses. These are the tiny things that set your adrenals off and get you in a hurried or frustrated state. Car keys for example…I’m sure you’ve witness someone running around the house trying to locate their car keys. Stress is such a problem for all of us today, so stress that can be avoided should be avoided. 

Secondly, order allows for time to be expended in more intentional and productive ways. I’ve known this for a long time – organized people are better time managers, and disorder is an energy vampire. Get organized and watch yourself get things done. 

Third, organization helps you know what you already possess. Have you bought something only to realize later on that you already have it? 

And last but not least, organization shows respect for, and love to, what you own.  Have you ever searched your things, aiming to put on a specific item of clothing, only to find it wrinkled and musty in the bottom of a draw? You paid your hard earned money for that shirt, what a shame! I found a beloved $80 yoga mat in the trunk of my car with lawn chairs, a bag of potting soil and wet snow boots on top of it. Blasphemy! This type of thing will happen less with organization. 

Save time. Increase productivity. Lessen stress. Take good care of your things…sounds like a win/win to me! Maybe the most outside-the-box fit tips is inside-the-closet. 😊