Nothing to Be Nervous About

I’ve been on a big “nervous system kick” lately and one of the biggest enemies to a happy, healthy and regulated nervous system is a workout that is too intense

What is too intense? That’s the million dollar question and the answer is: everything and nothing! It’ll be different for each and every one of us, AND it’ll be different from one day to the next. 

Movement is movement. The way in which we approach movement is what makes or breaks it. Here are five power approaches for a regulated nervous system: 

  1. Get grounded before you do anything – you’ll be more present and more intuitive
  2. Breathe in through the nose as much as possible – this will help keep your nervous system in a relaxed, un-triggered state
  3. Beware of going too fast – too fast can translate as “hyper” and create a fight or flight response
  4. Beware of going too long –  even one minute too long can turn invigoration into irritation 
  5. Make sure there is a stretch effect – stretching is space creating and tension releasing, both of which are tonics for your nervous system

I mentioned in a previous post how I’m seriously working on not rushing. I don’t want to hurry or feel like I’m racing against time. I’m trying not to say, “Oh, I’m so busy” or “There’s not enough time in the day.”  In movies and on TV, it is common to see the hero or heroine be extremely busy, running through life. It’s glorified actually, and unconsciously we start to think that’s what all successful people do, but that’s not necessarily true. You and I can accomplish a lot, workout well, be our own versions of successful, AND stay serene. 

Fitness today is so much more than muscles and waistlines and 8minute miles. It’s whole self, nervous system included. Isn’t that exciting and empowering?

Let’s Move! 🤗