Not Just Strong, Pilates Strong

When you’re Pilates Strong, you’re not just strong – you’re integrated – and that’s a big deal. Strong is great, but integrated means: 

1. You’ve got stellar mind/body connection. 
2. Your muscular system is united. 
3. You’ve got a heightened awareness of proper alignment.

Movement at large, including traditional strength training, promotes integration, but (in my opinion) Pilates is the integration superstar. It fast-tracks us and it complements just about every other form of exercise.  

All those professional athletes and dancers – especially the one’s with career longevity – are integrated. They intrinsically know strength is more valuable when it’s integrated.  

Be sure to check out our latest “Let’s Move” workout release, Pilates Strong. My hope is that you feel for yourself the difference between strong, and Pilates Strong