Not Just Stretch…Standing Stretch 💫

A new release called Standing Stretch on Let’s Move has arrived, and it’s short and sweet, ultra grounding, a bit flow-y, and subtly choreographed. By standing up, the act of stretching has an innate balance challenge, which enhances core engagement and muscular integration. What does this mean? It means the stretch will be less passive and more dynamic.

The transformation happens with stretch. Cardio is crucial as is strength training, and everything needs everything else, but the stretch is when the energetics change for the better. It’s when the body “opens” allowing for feel good energy flow. 

Bodies that stretch have more ease. Bodies that stretch have more grace. Bodies that stretch have less pain. These attributes create a body I want you to live in!

Standing Stretch is a perfect workout if you are just getting back into movement. It’s also a great “add on” workout after a walk, run or hike. It stands alone well too, especially at the end of a long day, when tension needs to diffuse. 

Many of us have never spent more than 5minute stretching, so I challenge you to dedicate a whole 15minutes to stretch today. Feel for yourself how delicious it is. Notice how your body responds to all the TLC. And, be sure to celebrateyour energetic transformation.