New Workout: Focused Flow

I definitely think there are more distracted people today then 10years ago, and what I mean by distracted is people who are aren’t totally “there” when they are there, you know? Attention is pulled outward and often in multiple directions. The cellphone is a culprit, but it’s more than that. Our whole society is rushing and busy, and the way we are “hit” with info has shortened our attention span. From a yoga perspective, it comes down to an overall out-of-body-ness.  

Good news – it’s fix-able! We can take charge of our focus.

Aside from establishing boundaries with phone usage (I’m a big fan of airplane mode!), it’s important to turn your focus on yourself. Pay attention to how you’re doing, what you’re feeling, and what the heck’s going on with you! Your body is speaking and it’s a damn shame not to listen. 

Workouts in general already help us embody ourselves, but Focused Flow, the newest Let’s Move! class, promotes embodiment times 10. The mindful yoga movements, the moderate pace and the strategic cues direct you to your own energies. Focused Flow is “20 minutes door to door” of pure focus on yourself. I feel like it’s the ultimate medicine for this “age of distraction” we find ourselves living in. 

Focus might not seem like that big of a deal, but don’t let its practicality fool you. Focus is a superpower, it’s a byproduct of movement done right, and it will set you apart from the sea of flustered folk! I hope you give Focused Flow a try and “see” for yourself, yourself.