New Workout Alert: Fresh Yoga

This 30minute workout is a true yoga workout, where you’ll thoroughly engage all the muscles of the body, but do so in a calm, unhurried fashion. Most everybody I meet today, is seeking some sort of stress relief, and I think this workout really helps with that, but at the same time, your muscles will feel this. Remember, your workout doesn’t have to only be about physical health, it can also help with mental health.

Lots and lots of talk today about mental health but rarely does movement come into the conversation. I find that movement is usually belittled – something fun to dabble in on the side. Yet, study after study concludes that regular exercisers are mentally healthier, and yoga in particular has been proven to reduce anxiety. You probably know this to be true firsthand…don’t you feel more hopeful, more inspired, more empowered when you’re moving on a regular basis? 

What I want to impress on you is in order for fitness to be sustainable, it needs to be somewhat nurturing. It needs to feel safe and loving, and it also needs to be about more than just the physical. It needs to fortify the whole self. Fresh Yoga, I think, fits the “sustainable criteria” nicely. Be sure to give it a try – now streaming on Let’s Move!