My Anti-Procrastination Technique

You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you want something done, ask a busy person.”  I have found this to be a thousand percent true. It’s true for me personally and for people I work with. As a personal trainer, the clients that never cancel are ironically the one’s with the fullest plate. At the root of this, it’s because the busy person has a tight schedule and he or she intends to keep it. There’s no time for procrastination.

Kids procrastinate when it comes to homework. Homeowners procrastinate when it comes to yard work. Exercisers procrastinate when it comes to workouts. I guess it’s human nature to have a bit of resistance to any type of effort, however, if you don’t have the time to resist, procrastination is nil and void. 

Whenever I struggle with procrastination, my two action steps are:
1. Get busier! Aim to accomplish more. I know this sounds counterintuitive but try it and you’ll see. You get stuff done!
2. At the precipice of procrastination, I override thoughts of delay with “Do it now, do it now, do it now.” It’s my anti-procrastination chant.

When you do what you set out to do in the time frame you intended to do it, it feels great. That feeling is high vibration. You’re proud of yourself and of everything accomplished. It sets you up for an even more fantastic tomorrow, so DO IT NOW – “someday” is not a day of the week.