Make It Sacred

Struggling to get to your at-home workout space as often as you’d like? Make it feel more sacred.

The space we workout in should be a sacred space. First, because we spend a solid amount of time in it. Second, because we work hard on ourselves in it. And third, because we shut out the noise of the world and connect to ourselves in it.

Often, we think a space is sacred because it’s connected to religion, like a church or temple, but any space can be sacred. A well loved library? An Italian grandmother’s kitchen? A specific spot in the woods where you sit and pray? Making a space sacred, amplifies it, and makes us want to be there.

So let’s turn up the sacredness in our at-home workout spaces by:

  • Keeping them tidy and organized
  • Adorning them with special things (like fresh flowers)
  • Breathing, pondering and giving thanks when we occupy them
  • Making sure we respect ourselves while we’re in them
  • Keeping out anything or anyone that doesn’t do the space justice! (No arguments, no broken electronics, no dead plants, etc.) 

A sacred space is a refuge, but a sacred workout space can be that and more – helping you stay fit, sane, serene and shining brightly. “Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again,” said Joseph Campbell. Yes! Let’s Move!