Make a Date With Exercise

I teach regular classes at a hotel called Troutbeck. It has a wellness spa that includes a nice little yoga program with a gorgeous yoga barn. Locals are members and attend classes, and classes are also open to guests of the hotel. I bring this up because I’ve been very inspired by the guests. Many guests have never done yoga before, or they haven’t been in an in-person exercise class setting before, yet somehow, they sign up and make it to our serene space on Saturday morning. They are perfect examples, reminding us to: 1. try a new thing, 2. say yes to a workout adventure, and 3. experience something outside one’s comfort zone. 

We think of “a fun activity” as going to a rock concert or a play, or maybe having a dinner party or going on a shopping trip with friends, but exercise can be a fun activity, solo or with friends! Exercise can be “something to do” that is actually engaging and makes you feel happy and alive. 

Maybe on your summer vacation at the beach, you’ll see a paddle board yoga class opportunity, or maybe you can invite a friend to check out a new hiking trail with you. (I just signed my son and I up for a few horseback riding lessons…honing our equine skills while working up a sweat. 😊)

Now is a great time to make a date with exercise. Healthy, active living can be fun, and I think staying inspired requires us to step into the “unknown” from time and time and do something new. The guests at Troutbeck, who comes to yoga, never regret it. They feel great about their efforts, and say things like, “Oh, wow, I’m so glad I did this.” And the best part is, that feeling great probably lasts their whole day!