Major Motivation πŸ’«

Being fit always helps. Whatever your career or your lifestyle, having mobility, agility, strength, flexibility, and endurance is always an asset. It’s never not a good thing! 

The hair stylist with his/her washing, brushing and blow drying, requires quite a bit of arm and wrist strength. The librarian has to climb ladders and crouch down to the lower shelves requiring agility. The preschool teacher goes up and down onto the floor all day requiring mobility. The waiter hustles all over the restaurant for hours requiring endurance.  None of these jobs have fitness as a prerequisite, but it sure would help. 

Fitness helps you catch the bus, lug groceries into the house, bathe the dog. It helps you play badminton, assemble furniture, survive a day at Disney World. Fitness makes everything better. Major motivation, right? So Let’s Move! It fortifies living