Like Attracts Like

Wherever I’ve lived, I have always, always found workout buddies. I’ve found people to hike with, to take group exercise classes with, and even to run 5k or 10k road races with. It goes way back – as a grade school kid, I found kids that wanted to ride bikes and play tag with me too. 

I’ve come to see the act of connecting with workout buddies as a crucial first step. It’s foundational. Having people that encourage exercise, and in turn improve your health and wellbeing, are priceless. Take a look around…who is supporting your fitness journey? Be sure to thank them. (I’d consider them your Earth angels!)

Now, like attracts like. The way to have workout buddies is to be one yourself, so reach out. Make the first move. Call your friends, and invite them on a walk, or to a workout. Ask your family members too. These days, it could be virtually or in-person, outdoors or indoors. It’s all good, just move. If you ordinarily get together for drinks, propose a fitness get-together instead. 

We’re entering the last part of 2021, let’s finish strong with plenty of exercise. Spend more time with your workout buddies, be a workout buddy to others, and perhaps turn your regular buddies into workout ones! It’ll set you up for an inspired, high vibe 2022. (Let’s go! ✨)