Let’s Rock

For as long as I can remember, I’ve collected rocks. After time spent at the beach and elsewhere, I’d return home with my pockets filled with stones and pebbles. I was always very drawn to them. Then, my senior year in college, I took “Rocks For Jocks,” a geology class that focused on gemstones. We went out into the woods with little shovels as the professor pointed out the various rock formations and their mineral compositions. We found some great specimens on those outdoor jaunts… garnet and quartz and even specks of gold. Strangely, I was the only girl in that class!

I started visiting crystal shops in my twenties, which is when I started purchasing rocks. Up until that time, I had always found them. Now, little two or three dollar pocket crystals can always be found in my car, in my purse, on my nightstand and in my bathtub. I put crystals in planters, in bowls of fruit, under my son’s bed, hung from my dog’s collar…everywhere my intuition tells me. I meditate with them and I decorate with them. 

No one else in my family is into crystals. Why have I been so drawn to them? It’s the same reason I’m drawn to the moon in the sky and the sunrise and to good people and long hikes and yoga poses – to me, they are high vibration and they feel good. 

Many people think spending money on rocks that just sit there is insane. The point I want to make is simply this – surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good is good. It’s just like how many of us exercise to feel good and hang out with people that make us feel good. For me crystals do that, for other’s it might be books or art. 

2020 has not been for the faint of heart, and from my point of view, there has been an onslaught of low vibration. Thus, there has never been a greater time to bring in high vibrations, whether it’s through crystals or not. In whatever way you are so inclined, intentionally surround yourself with high vibrations. It definitely plays a part in empowered wellness.