Let the sun shine in

I often refer to the front body as the sun and the back body as the moon. By waking up the front body you let the sun shine in and it does three immediate things:

  1. It energizes your body. Allowing for more oxygen gives us a boost.
  2. It dispels tension. Nothing like a solid stretch to de-stress.
  3. It counteracts low vibe feelings of doubt, depression and despair. After all, feeling good is a prerequisite to shining bright.

To my northern hemisphere folks, Summer Solstice Blessings to you. How about celebrating with front body extension?

One caveat – it’s gotta be whole front body extension, not just your heart center. That means stretching the tops of your ankles, your quadriceps, hip flexors, and the abdominal along with the chest and front of your neck. Upward Facing Dog (in photo above) could not be more perfect for our celebration. Hold for 30seconds while breathing big. Do it and feel its warm, sunny, blue sky effects within. 

Remember, you’re your own gatekeeper.
Let in the light. 
Let the sun shine in.