La Luna Bella

Did you see that full moon last night? It was simply gorgeous – so big and bright. As I was basking in the moonlight, I felt lots of cosmic love. I know that might sound strange, but the moon is my homegirl, and we go way back. 

Yes, I’m one of those people who go on midnight hikes on full moon nights and celebrate the new moon with my own intention setting ritual. Even as a young child, I was hypnotized by the moon. I remember sitting up in my bed and looking out at the evening sky after my parents tucked me in.

One good thing that has come out of this wild 2020 for me, is that my relationship with the moon has deepened. It has a lot to do with, 1. I’ve had way more time to focus on Her, 2. I’ve been outside twice as much, and 3. I am intentionally directing my energy towards sure things.

With so much uncertainty and so much chaos, it’s good to know our Luna Bella is up there in the sky as consistent as ever. She has remained strong and serene, unwaveringly, and she seems to send us that strength and serenity (and lunar love), whether we feel her moonlight or not. 

I hope you use the moon to calm yourself down. Or use the moon to fill yourself up. Just use the moon as a self-care modality. Revel in Her consistency, and whenever you find yourself getting caught up in this 2020 rollercoaster ride, soak up some nutritious moonlight and stabilize. It’s free…all you have to do is look up