Joy & Happiness

I’m reading a homeopathy book about flower remedies by Dr. Bach. He is famous for creating spiritually healing tinctures. His book is just so good  – I’ve underlined half of it – and I can’t believe I haven’t read it until now! It’s filled with nuggets of wisdom and it’s totally lifting me up!

A big theme for Dr. Bach is the interconnectedness of the body, mind & spirit, and he considers the human body the “earthly habitation of the soul.” He discusses the importance of attitude towards health and well-being. One of his best quotes is really hitting me today, “In all things, cheerfulness should be encouraged, and we should refuse to be oppressed by doubt and depression, for our souls know only joy and happiness.”

Now, I know many types of depression can be very serious and one can’t just “snap out of it” but I think there is a form of depression that we can turn our backs to – the circumstantial kind. Right now, so many of us are susceptible to the circumstantial kind – I know I am. Every day I seem to be having an “Oh God” moment. The key, I have found, is to stay in a cheerful space about your body, mind and spirit. Put your attention on your miraculous whole self. Notice how awesome your whole miraculous self is. Mindful movement helps us do this. It helps us feel the interconnectedness which steers us towards joy. 

I have always used movement as medicine, but these days I am literally using movement as soul medicine. Movement often comes across as a little superficial, but it actually is anything but.

So be sure to keep breathing, keep moving, and keep staying in your joy and happiness. As Dr.Bach writes, “Plunge into life. It’s glorious.”