It’s Simple 😊

I’m a fan of hanging out on a yoga mat. Whether I’m teaching or taking, I get to class early and simply hang out. It’s a habit, but it’s also a craving. On the mat is one of my favorite places! 

I contemplated this lately, asking myself, why am I so lured to on the mat? It really is so ingrained. If, by chance, I don’t get to class early and miss my mat hangout, I do notice the difference. It’s as if the class isn’t as effective. Why? 

Well, I think it’s because on the mat is a delicious opportunity for simplicity, where I step away from the laundry, the laptop, the traffic, etc. It’s also unencumbered – no shoes, comfy clothing, no major equipment, and a clutter-free, serene open space. I mean, what’s not to love?!?!? 

You know how some people love going to a cute cafe, to just sit there with their coffee, taking in the environment? My “mat hang” is akin to that. It is soothing and soulful, and I know it doesn’t seem like a huge contributor to well-being, but it absolutely does. In this day and age of busy-ness and “stuff” and rushing around, the moment of uncomplication it provides, is truly the best.  

So get on your mat and hang out…and reap the benefits of simplicity. πŸ’•