It’s Always Mental & Physical

It’s very early in the morning as I type out this newsletter, and my house is totally still. The dogs and I are in my office with only one salt lamp turned on behind me. It’s orange glow gives me just enough light. It’s cozy and calm all around. I feel grounded and centered. And while I’m not pumping iron or breaking a sweat, I do consider my morning time a big part of my wellness routine. 

Anxiety issues are rampant today, and for me, unhurried quiet time in the morning keeps my nervous system a-okay for the day. It’s just one of my anti-anxiety strategies. Daily exercise is another one. I find moving the body to be mood boosting ever time. Also, I make staying hydrated a big goal. Hydration gives me energy and helps my brain function optimally. Ultimately it’s about feeling good, right? And, take a second, and look at my last two anti-anxiety strategies… they are PHYSICAL.

Physical fitness and mental wellness go together!  

The world is off the charts anxiety-inducing, but even in the most insane scenarios, anxiety can be optional.  Get grounded and centered. Use your body to positively affect your mind. Empowered wellness means nipping anxiety in the bud. It means wellness in body and mind. It also means I have the power to feel good.