Is 15 Minutes Enough? 🤔

“How long should my workout be? Is 15 minutes enough? How about 30minutes?” I get asked questions like these all of the time and I used to be very adamant about workout length being at least 30minutes. I though a 10 or 15minute workout accomplished nothing and real fitness meant putting in the time. I’m happy to report, I’ve evolved! 

I think 15minutes can be enough – and it can be the perfect amount of time too – but it all depends on how you spent the other 23hours and 45minutes of that day. Were you on your feet a lot? Were you sitting at a cubicle? Driving or commuting long hours? I was a nanny one summer during college and that job was so exhausting. After a day with those kids, all I could do was take a bath and go to bed! 

Workout length also depends on how your mental and emotional self is doing. Are you experiencing a lot of stress or grief? Are you preoccupied with a personal issue? Has something been keeping you up at night? 

And then there’s what shape you’re in now. Is there an underlying health issue? If you are just starting out on your fitness journey, 15minutes is plenty. If you’ve reached a top level, 15minutes will feel like a warmup. 

So, in all honesty, my answer to, “Is 15minutes enough?” is not a “no” anymore – it’s a maybeWhat matters most is you intuiting your needs and addressing them…and you know what? That’s a sign of real health. 
xo Ellen