I’m Moving!

Are you ready to move? It has dawned on me that I tend to dress for a certain kind of success? Movement success! My clothing, my shoes, my accessories – even my hair and makeup – are never too fussy so as not to sit on the floor, wrestle with my dog, or do some manual labor around the house. I look at the British royal family and all of their social committments and (sort of) feel sorry for them. To me, being so buttoned up and formal so often would be a form of torture. (I know that to many people, being highly coiffed would be a dream come true…so I mean no offense here!)

Five things that support increased activity: 
1. Let’s start with shoes. Can you take them off? Can you wear something more athletic? 
2. Pack deodorant
3. Always have a hair tie handy
4. Rethink movement. It can be light stretching. It can be a slow walk. It can be some sort of physical chore, like mopping the floor or grooming a dog. Movement doesn’t have to mean sweating and jumping, and it doesn’t always require fitness clothing. 
5. Support your energy. Staying hydrated, getting a good night’s sleep, eating the right amount of nourishing foods, and creating boundaries with screen time, help us stay energized. I know for sure that when we feel good, we move more

Something I say a lot is “keep moving” but what I want to sign off with today is “start moving more.” Ironically, it’s not more work…ultimately, it equates to more energy