How To Weather Any Storm ????

Guided Meditation with Sandrine Harris

I think about my distant ancestors from Ireland a lot, and in the few photos I have of them, they seem so wise and strong, and a little sad. They stare at the camera with astute awareness – not happiness, and not trying to look good – but with stunningly astute awareness

My ancestors, and I’m sure your ancestors, had meditative opportunities built into their lives, sometimes seasonally, sometimes weather-wise, sometimes due to life stages, and sometimes in church. I think their “going within” often is what made them wise and strong. And I think having tough struggles with poverty, famine and war, probably made them somewhat sorrowful, but without their meditative opportunities, that sorrow could have turned into total despair or mental/emotional breakdowns! 

Accepting the things we can not change and connecting to the awareness of right now is major  it’s astute awareness – and it helps us weather any storm. It’s the biggest gift of meditation, and while it doesn’t come wrapped in a bow, you can “see” it in your fortified self.

Give meditation a try!
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