Hold Everything

Most people are not psyched about forearm plank. There is very little “I love forearm plank” being said in the studio. You and I can go our whole lives, never do another forearm plank, and be just fine. It’s not like air. We don’t need it. 

With that said, forearm plank gives us more bang for our buck than pretty much any other equipment-less strengthening exercise. There are so many benefits: it builds heat. It strengthens the core. It strengthens lower body. It strengthens upper body. It strengthen bones. It promotes proper alignment. And it does all this without fuss. Doesn’t even ask for sneakers!

Forearm plank is an isometric hold, like a “wall sit” or headstand or bridge. There are no repetitions  – the resistance comes from simply staying put. At Let’s Move! we tend to flow and flutter and move around rhythmically, so holds like forearm plank are really nice cross trainers, and there is so much for us to gain, so be sure to check out our new FIT TIP: Let’s do forearm plank 😊. (The goal today is a 60second hold.) Let’s Move!