Grumpy Quadriceps?

When stretching the quadriceps, I not-so-jokingly say, “This stretch is not a crowd pleaser.” Over the years, I’ve learned that nobody really enjoys opening up this muscle. As a trainer, I am tempted to skip it and avoid the grumpy looks, but our quadriceps are really tight – begging for a good stretch!

The more we sit, the more we need to stretch our quadriceps, and even when we don’t sit all day we still spend most of our lives in varying degrees of forward flexion. The front line of the body needs extension and the thigh and hip crease are smack dab in the center of our body’s front line. No way around it – our quads need some TLC stretching. 

Here are my favorite ways to stretch the quadriceps: low lunge, kneeling, dancer pose, wheel pose, bridge pose and crescent lunge. Do these postures barefoot, do them when you are warm, and hold them for at least 30seconds and up to 1-2minutes. 

Tending to your quadriceps will ultimately pay you back tenfold. You’ll stand taller, easier. Your knees, hips and lower back will be happier. Your range of motion, especially when you walk and run, will be bigger. 

Don’t skip quad stretching. In the long run, you’ll see, it’s one of the best self-care actions out there!