Go on the Offensive

I really do pay attention to things and I am a bit worried about the state of health in the US. There is a lot of chronic conditions and chronic pain, and so many people, women especially, go from doctor to doctor seeking help to no avail. From what I’ve gathered, the ones that tend to break out of the never ending doctor visit-to-doctor visit cycle, go on the offensive by doing these three things:  

  1. They really really advocate for themselves by reading the books, doing the research, and confronting practitioners with good questions and demands. 
  2. They seek answers and guidance from non-medical spaces. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, therapeutic massage, diet support, herbal support, shamanic healing, transcendental meditation…there really are seemingly endless healing modalities.
  3. Most importantly, they don’t feel hopeless. They know they can take some sort of daily lifestyle action step – however small it may be – and that action brings them closer to feeling good again. This is the epitome of empowered wellness (and I’m all about it!).

So as we wind down 2022 and we embark on 2023, remember to advocate for yourself, be open to the possibilities, and know you hold the key. Be your own best friend by staying empowered. (Don’t let the system get you down! 😘)