Go Easy & Go Steady & Go

I put a lot of thought about what workout to release on January 1st, and at first glance, it might seem I “went against the grain” with releasing Gentle Barre. Like the title suggests, it is gentle. It’s a steady 30minute focused, feel-good routine. While the exercise industry at large is turning up the intensity and luring you to push yourself to the limit, I’m offering something more moderate.

What I know for sure is that this time of year most people attempting to get back into a fitness routine do it in the wrong way. They go to extremes. This is how you know if you’ve gone to extremes in your New Year’s workout: 

  1. While you are working out, you feel very uneasy. 
  2. You are very relieved when the workout is over and dread doing it again.
  3. You wake up the next day too sore to do it again!

It is very old fashioned to view working out as punishment. It is not “payback”  for being sedentary or eating cake. This outdated mindset is harmful and demoralizing. Working out is actually an act of self-care. It’s nurturing. It raises one’s vibration, positively affecting body, mind, and spirit. 

Thus, I encourage you to go easy & go steady & go. This is how you’ll develop the exercise habit and stick with it all year and beyond. The fittest people I know have this long-term vision. They go easy & go steady & go