Go Big, Dream Big

Have you noticed people looking down and keeping their arms tucked in tightly to their sides? Think of rainy day posture…eyes focused on the ground, small steps, contracted body language. There’s nothing wrong with this physical alignment in certain situations (like when you’re walking in the rain!), however, when it becomes your default mode, it’s a problem.

To this I say, reach up and look up.  Go on and physically extend your arms overhead and physically turn your gaze to the space above you. The body and mind are one, so in no time at all, there’s an underlying effect that extends beyond physical. (Stop reading now if you don’t want a little woo woo…😂). 

Reaching up and looking up are aspirational. They direct our attention to a bigger and higher potential. Remember: 
1. Where the eyes go the body follows.
2. You become what you do. 

Reaching up and looking up break us out of the small, confining, status quo box. Energy flows better – physically, mentally and maybe even spiritually. Your spine adores these motions too, so reach up for the sunshine and look up to the stars. Go big, dream big. Movement is always there for you – a tool for living your best life.