Lots of people fall away from their regular workout routines right about now. Maybe it’s from going away on vacation, the mellow-er (and hotter) August vibe, or maybe your household demands more from you due to kids being home from school.

Losing the exercise habit is very common, and honestly, it comes with having a life. Don’t sweat it. A week or two or three of not formally working out is not the end of the world. I just spent a lot of time in a car, traveling to see family. I’m back home now – and back in my workout groove – but while I was away this is what I focused on: 

  • Staying active. Formal workouts were not happening but I did move a lot. 
  • Doing more water. I’ve gotten so good at saying not to sugary and alcoholic beverages. Water is my #1. 
  • Stretching! Maybe you’re relaxing at the beach – can you add 5minutes of light stretching? Stretching, I find, is a fantastic energizer.
  • Sleeping! Sleep is a humungous part of wellness, so when you can’t fit in a workout, can you prioritize sleep? 
  • Making a plan. For many of you, it may not be until the kids go back to school. That’s okay, just look at your schedule set a date with a specific workout strategy.  I wrote “WORKOUT” in ink in my calendar on the day I’d be back home from traveling. 

Exercise is like a horse. We fall off it now and then, but it’s not gone forever. We can always get back on. And sometimes, when you get back on the horse, you have a new found appreciation for it.