Here in North America, it is spring and one of the biggest symbols of spring is the tulip. The tulip pushes through the soil and rises its vibrant green stem straight up towards the sun, and then, seemingly out of nowhere, these pastel petals confidently bloom. When I come across that first tulip emerging from the ground after a long cold winter, I am wow-ed. Something in me gets a charge. Energetically, I feel in sync with that tulip, and it reminds me – yup, it’s time for my own version of get up & go

Take action. 

Spring energy is like wind in our sails. It’s upward motion, a boost for real progress, real transformation. It’s the greatest time to perhaps be a little busier and have a fuller schedule.l It’s time to make those phone calls and to de-clutter and reorganize your home. It’s time to say yes to more movement, and to say yes in general. 

Here’s something I want you to ask yourself or meditate on: doesn’t it feel frustrating (I’d even say maddening) to not take action right now?  Can’t you feel it? To remain in a winter rut right now feels wrong, right?

It’s spring outside and it’s spring within. Marvel at the tulip, and let’s be the tulip. The time for some get up & go is now.