Get Psyched 🤩

I’ve known many people over the years who just didn’t have any inspiration, for workouts or otherwise, and I see a lack of inspiration as a root cause of a lot of suffering, a lot of dreams deferred. The mistake is that people wait around for inspiration to strike. They think it comes from the outside. 

And sure, inspiration can come from the outside. For example, I watched US Open Tennis and was so inspired, I borrowed a racket and went to the public courts with my son to play three sets! Another example, upon stepping into my friend’s colorful and happy garden, I was inspired to grow my own flowers, so I watched a ton of YouTube videos on flower growing and have bright pink zinnias as a result. Make no mistake, outside inspiration is effective.

However, internal inspiration, when you are inspired in spite of bad situations, bad news or rotten luck, is where the real glory lies. You and I are not always going to have Novak Djokovic or award-winning roses around to inspire us, you know? 

Mindfully breathing and mindfully moving are my top two go-to’s for conjuring internal inspiration. Breathing and moving turn into energetic magic, which informs every cell in my body that, “Oh, the possibilities are endless.” I get pumped. I’m psyched to be alive. Psyched to be me

Another go-to inspirer is journaling. What starts off as simply writing down thoughts and feelings, turns into ideas, goals and action plans. Sometimes, I get so jazzed about what I’ve written down, I dance around my office! 

As we enter this new season, where many of us shift gears and change routine, go ahead and keep  seeking out inspiration in the world at large, but remember to look within too. Inspiration is yoursAlways. Even when things appear gloomy, we can drudge it up. You need not ever be without it.