Excuse the Excuses

There will always be a legitimate excuse NOT to workout. Here are the one’s I’ve heard just this week:  
“It’s too hot outside.”
“I slept horribly last night.” 
“We lost power during yesterday’s storm & it still hasn’t returned.”
“Traffic was bumper-to-bumper.”

“I forgot my water bottle.” 

Sure, they’re all legit. Each one is a perfectly good reason to not workout. However, most excuses are self-sabotage, and you and I need to be mentally on guard and see them as such. Nine times out of 10, it is in your best interest to move your body. Train your brain to counteract excuses with the following three mental outlooks:   

#1 –Instead of “workout” think “movement” especially when you are flustered or fatigued. “Movement” connotes a bit less strain and it will get you to your mat (which is often the toughest part of a workout).  

#2 – Remember you have options. Snow storm? Dance around your kitchen. Too hot outside? Go for a swim. It’s 10pm? Try some simple stretching. You might have to get creative and be flexible. Avoid being too rigid with your exercise plan. It’s okay of Plan A turn into Plan Z. There are always alwaysoptions. 

#3 – Think self-care. The “never miss a workout” folks view their workout as a non-negotiable part of their self-care routine. To them, working out is nurturing, it’s me-time, and it’s a delicious treat. That’s the way to be!  

Here’s the mental ping-pong I went through on Sunday, getting to my workout:  
It rained last night and was buggy and muggy. (I could easily bail.)  
I just read it’s going to be sunny and dry later. (So what? You’re busy later. Do it now!)
My hair is going to get so frizzy. (A legit excuse 😂, but keep going.)

A major component of empowered wellness is to know thyselfBy knowing how your brain tries to find an “out,” you minimize that potential excuse’s power. The life-changing magic of consistent exercise is beaconing – “excuse the excuses” and move your body.  🤗