Empowerment In 4Minutes

Kundalini yoga expert, Amy Allen, is back with an awesome outside-the-box video fit tip, called Yoga Technique For Clearing Negativity. (Now available online at Ellen Barrett Mindful Movement.) Just in the nick of time, right? Everyday, these days, I know I could use some clearing! 

The main thing I want to emphasize in regards to Amy’s 4minute video is the very obvious mind/body connection. It illustrates how movement effects everything…not just the body. 

My son’s school has gone to 100percent remote learning for the remainder of the year. This was a big blow to us as a family. Luca is an only child and he’s very extroverted and very much into after school activities. After a structure-less summer, we were so relieved when school started up again. To be back lingering at home today felt very sad. At 8:30am when his zoom classroom began, I could hear him say “hi” in a very lethargic, unenthused way. To top if of, it’s pouring rain today…

So I’m definitely going to have Luca do Amy’s video with me later on. 4minutes is so do-able, right?  It has the potential to lift Luca spirits and lift the mood in our home. Movement is medicine, even a little dose. 

Even if you are time-crunched I know you can find 4minutes today… be sure to check out the latest video fit tip, and keep moving!