Neck Health DIY

There’s a reason why we use the term “pain in the neck” when describing something or someone annoying. Neck pain is annoying, and I think everyone at some point in their life, has experienced it first hand.

Often, we don’t know the cause of our neck pain. It just shows up. Did I sleep in an awkward position? Did I strain my neck at work? Did I lift something too heavy? It’s important to know that while exercise can be the cause of neck pain, it can also be a remedy for it, and the remedy is the universal formula for moving with easy with grace. There are three parts: 

1. Alignment
How many times have you heard me say, “Ears over shoulders, shoulders over hips”? (Answer: A LOT!) Exercise is possibly the best place for becoming aware of and intentional about the alignment of your whole spine (neck included!). Of course, I suggest tuning in to your self all day long, but tune in especially during your workout, and self-correct when necessary. 
2. Flow
Sudden, jerky movements – movements with no flow – are a big no no for the neck muscles, but are often unavoidable. On the flip side, Intentional, “watery” movements are a balm for our neck. (And, being warm enough is an important factor for flow as well.) Move with flow whenever possible. Make flow your modus operandi.
3. Balance
Imbalance – mostly in range of motion – leads to immediate neck pain or neck pain down the road. It is quite easy to bring balance to the neck with regular (I suggest daily) mindful, even movement. 

Neck pain is inevitable, but the good news is you and I can be “in charge” of it. The more we align, flow and balance, the less likely the neck pain we experience will become chronic. What a great example of empowered wellness, right? And ultimately, that’s what it’s all about, folks. So now’s the time, Let’s Move!