Did You Get The Message?

It was a very cold Saturday morning and I rushed off to teach my 9am class. I arrived early enough to set up the classroom and (luckily) still had about 10minutes to spare, so I went ahead and sat in this particular studio’s sauna (they actually have two!). Barefoot and wearing my yoga clothes, I luxuriated in the warmth. My fingers and toes thawed out, my cheeks got rosy and my shoulders softened. I then went on to have a great class. I felt like I had strong elocution, and that I ‘read the room” well, which in turn helped me lead a class that was the right pace and intensity level. All from 10 minutes in a sauna?

Yes…sort of. Actually, three things are at work here I think: 1. warming up is a great way to get embodied, and present. 2. sitting in the sauna induces a quasi-meditation effect, which also helped me get present. and 3. Not rushing and avoiding hectic energy is also good for being present. 

Presence is so major. Ram Das wrote a whole book about it, “Be Here Now.” He wrote, ““The next message you need is always right where you are.” When we get present, we don’t miss the message! So I encourage you to use your workout – and any other tools that work for you – to cultivate as much presence as possible. Presence doesn’t seem like much, but it truly gives us an epic edge. It helps us find our A-Game in whatever endeavor, be it cooking, driving or teaching yoga class. ⚡️