The next time you get to enjoy live theater, whether it’s Broadway, off-broadway or way way off-broadway, try to pay attention to how much energy the actors on stage emote. They speak, sing, and move at heightened levels. Even their facial expressions are giving energy. It’s probably why some of us leave the theater with a buzz that lasts for days.

“There’s nothing like live theater.” We’ve heard that sentence a hundred times, right? But why is it said over and over again, and why does it ring true? I think it’s because energy is contagious

I was at a retail store the other day and had to interact with a lethargic clerk, the opposite of the stage actors I was referring to above. There was zero energy emoting from her. She “gave as little as possible.” After a two minute interaction, I got to my car, and I swear I needed a nap. I wanted to lay my head down on the steering wheel and rest, in the middle of the day with the sun shinning high in the sky. Will I ever go back to that store? I’ll try my best not to!

Energy is contagious, both the good and the bad. 

Tickets to plays and concerts might be expensive. Sometimes, it’s hard to justify spending the money. But, just think, one great show, might fill up your energy tank. It might leave you so inspired, so high on life. You might conclude the price of admission was a STEAL, because energy is contagious and that show, and those performers infected you with high vibes.

“High vibes only” is a phrase you see everywhere, on t-shirts and throw pillows, and it might seem kitschy, but it’s still so great. They are words to live by. You don’t have to tag your instagram posts with #highivbesonly, just be sure to curate your energy exposure. 

Energy is everything and everything is energy.

(Buy the tickets! You’re worth it! 🤗)