Combining Workouts

Combining two or more of our Mindful Movement video workouts is a FANTASTIC idea. I’m all for it! If you have the time, energy and drive, you can’t go wrong with any combination. Here are five workout combos I’m really into right now:

Affirmative Flow/Power Express – 30minutes
Get grounded, centered and empowered and then grab those weights and hustle through a quick sculpt session. In 30minutes, you can set a high vibe, can-do tone for your day.

BalletSculpt with Weights/ Quick Cardio – 35minutes
When I think of Ballet I think of stellar posture, poise and alignment. This combo promotes all of that plus revs up the heart rate for a graceful sense of invigoration. 

Upper Body Blast/Kick Butt! – 40minutes
This combo provides a very thorough toning workout and also has a subtle cardio element. It’s truly total body.

Mighty Mat Pilates/Sunset Stretch – 45minutes
I especially love this combo for evening. It’s a solid after-the-workday workout. You’ll be off your feet, open the energy channels in your spine and breathe away the pressures of life. 

Stretch Sculpt/Peace, Love & Cardio – 60minutes
These two workouts were filmed back-to-back on the same day and are very much a set. 30minutes with fluid weight conditioning followed by 30minutes of big ranges of motion – it’s a classic feel good fitness duo. 

On top of this, I know many of you are using our video workouts in combination with other exercises, like walking, running, tennis, skiing, an in-person class at your gym, and more. This thrills me – it’s proof you’ve got options, you’re mixing things up, and you’re using your inner guidance. 

Finding complementary movements to balance your body is a sign of empowered wellness, and empowered wellness is my biggest wish for you, so keep breathing big, keep using movement as medicine, and keep shining bright. Here’s to staying high vibe through March!