Change With the Seasons

Seasons change. Right now, wherever you are on Earth, there is a shift. For us in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re leaving summer and entering autumn. When we think season change, our minds go to weather change, wardrobe change, schedule change. Lots of change outside of us. There’s energetic change within us too.

Personally, as I approach autumn in New England, USA, I feel a little more ambitious. Like the squirrels, I feel an urgency to get things done. I move around my house with hustle. As I check in with my energy, I can tell I can push myself now, feeling strong from all the summer sun I soaked up.  My posture doesn’t need adjusting – I’m standing strong and tall, and my appetite is just as strong.  I crave more intense workouts and am able to socialize more than usual, without getting drained. (The opposite tends to be true for me in February and March, when gentle yoga fits the bill, and I RSVP no to parties!)

Noticing and honoring how your energy changes with each passing season – and not resisting or ignoring the subtle shifts – is true wisdom, and were better for it. Why? Because going with the flow of the seasons does not irritate. It helps us stay in feel-good-mode. (Thus, going against the flow is a big no-no.)

This week, grab a cup of tea, turn off your phone, and just sit with yourself – no distractions, just you and you. Really feel how the season is changing outside and inside.

Two huge signs of empowered wellness: 1. commitment to invigoration not irritation, and 2. commitment to feeling your best all year long. Let’s go