Cardio is Synonymous With Feeling Good

I grew up in one of the snowiest parts of New York State, with a polar bear father who never turned on the heat, and a very unusually low body temperature (never breaking 97degrees). Discovering aerobics in the 80’s was divine intervention. I’m not kidding. It saved me from the agony of being cold. To me, cardio is synonymous with feeling good. 

Cardio is my favorite. When I was a student of Pilates, I was blown away by how smart the method was, but I was always cold. When I studied yoga, I loved how embodied I became while doing it, but it didn’t elevate my heart rate sufficiently. Strength training does makes me warm, but not instantly and not enough.

I’m aware that many people have an aversion to cardio. They hate the discomfort of sweat or the challenge of coordinating movements, but if you saw cardio through my lens, you’d run towards it with open arms! You’d see it’s one of the greatest medicines. It can help you feel good – not just warmer – but good in body, mind and spirit.

There’s a new video workout debut, Barre Cardio, now streaming and available as a digital download. My hope is that this class helps us all feel good. The Ballet moves are not too fancy and the tempo is not too fast. The workout is 30minutes total and it’s definitely got some muscle strengthening too. For June, let’s really embrace cardio. When the world around us is literally and figuratively cold, a bit of cardio can work wonders, so Let’s Move!