Big Medicine

All of a sudden, the term lifestyle medicine is everywhere. I even heard it on the radio this morning while taking my son to school. I like the term – it’s a hipper way of saying healthy living, and it’s so true – the ways in which you live your life are ultimately good for you or bad for you. Lifestyle medicine is about choosing the good for you variation more often than not! 

Now, there’s big lifestyle medicine and then there is a subtler kind. I’d say the exercise habit is big, and the “big three” are 1. sleep, 2. diet and 3. exercise. (I always put sleep first because so much physical and mental restoration happens during sleep.) 

But don’t underestimate (or ignore) the subtler medicine. It can really pack a punch and totally transform your life. For instance, the photo above is of an impromptu self foot massage. I probably massage my feet a few times each day, and it’s totally built in, and I do it automatically whenever I get the chance. I rub each toe individually and then squeeze through the arches. My feet and my energy levels are better for it – I’m well-er for it! Another great example of subtler lifestyle medicine is the previous blog post called Dress For Success. Your clothing choices, especially bras and shoes, can help support your wellness journey, big time.

Lifestyle medicine weaves into every facet of life. It doesn’t seem like much, but I find having a really organized closet streamlines my day, as I never waste time hunting down a garment. This keeps me peaceful and less frantic and definitely spills over into work, family and health. Yes, for me, organization is a form of lifestyle medicine.

I want you to see how the subtler things not only fortify the big three but also stand alone as very potent. Also note, lifestyle medicine is individualized. For instance, my friend needs blackout shades for sleep, but I do not, so what’s potent for her, does nothing for me.

As 2020 winds down, I invite you to ponder what “medicine” you can bring into your life for 2021, the big and the subtle. Isn’t it empowering to know that one’s lifestyle can promote health and wellness?