Back on Track 😊

Last week was a chaotic one. I was pulled in so many directions and a few unexpected events occurred from my dogs getting fleas to breaking the tail light on my car to my son’s sport’s practices getting rescheduled, added to and extended. It was pretty much plan B everyday. By the time Saturday night rolled in, I was in “what just happened?” mode.  I managed to make it just fine, but the constant adjustments and added urgencies were definitely fatiguing. I’m sure you’ve had weeks like this…or maybe the wild ride lasted more than a week.

What I’ve noticed with myself and with others, is 1. formal workouts are often the first things on the chopping block…and that’s okay. (What’s not okay, is beating ourselves up about it.) I’ve also noticed 2. formal workouts are often a great way to recover from the stress of having to deal with chaos.

Your workout is a recovery tool. It’s a “come back into the flow” tool. It’s a stress-eradicator and a settler-downer. I prescribe a workout the way a lot of the mainstream prescribes a glass of wine! 

The morale of the story is simply this: as soon as the chaos clears and you’re willing and able to get to that workout, get to it. Getting back to the basics helps puts us all back on track. 😊