Back at it

There are 33 individual interlocking bones that form your spinal column. The top 24 bones are moveable, while the lower vertebrae (in the sacrum and coccyx region) are fused together and therefore don’t articulate. This is so “yin and yang” – stable and set at the trunk, free and flowing at the crown. Did you know the spine, your spine, is a genius, sophisticated design? What a stroke of luck it is to have one! Here are 10 ways you can shower love upon your spine: 

  1. Don’t sit for long periods of time. The spine is meant to move.
  2. Invest in massages. Massages are a form of preventative medicine.
  3. Go barefoot as much as possible. Shoes throw off alignment.
  4. When you do wear shoes, avoid high heels. High heels crunch the lower back, inducing an extreme misalignment.
  5. Rest well. Take a load off, get horizontal and relax…maybe even fall asleep. This is a spinal delight.
  6. Visit a chiropractor when necessary. Any back issues? I recommend seeking a chiropractor first. They are spine mechanics.
  7. Skip the furniture when you can and sit on the ground. Getting to the ground, sitting on the ground and then standing up from the ground, are all great strengtheners and stretches for the back and help keep it nimble. 
  8. Do exercise that’s equal parts stretch and strength (like yoga, Pilates and fusion). Big ranges of motion while building strength is the “happy back” workout formula.
  9. Maintain a strong core. The core is how you stabilize.
  10. Make sure your resting posture has your heart center pointing 45degrees up. Having a “sunken chest” is low vibe, stifles breathing, doesn’t look good, and puts a major strain on the spine, so lift your heart center…..I beg of you!

Notice it’s not all yin and it’s not all yang – these fit tips are a mix of both. A nice blend of effort and ease. We’re not baby-ing the back nor are we “tough loving” it. The goal is a spine that’s strong, capable and feels good….for as long as we grace the planet – very do-able with a bit of awareness.

Remember, a happy back is where it’s at! 😍